TreeSize Professional Crack + Patch {Latest} Download

TreeSize Professional License Key + Activator  {Latest} Free Download

TreeSize Professional Crack + Patch {Latest} Free Download

TreeSize Professional Crack is a powerful software application that provides you with a detailed description of disk space and a complete analysis of disk usage at all directory levels. Other than that, you can search for redundant files and print or export data. This tool adopts a ribbon interface that provides quick access to files and folders stored on your computer, scan mode, additional tools for playing games, different display modes, and more. Additionally, it offers support for context menu integration.

The GUI maintains a well-organized layout, but it can seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, as it is packed with many features. TreeSize Professional Patch gives you the ability to select the drive you want to scan and view data on the total and allocated size, number of files and folders, last access and modification date, and owner. Additionally, you can analyze pie charts, bar charts, or treemaps, zoom in or out, export charts to PNG, BMP, or other image formats, change colors, view 3D diagrams, and print photos.

TreeSize Professional Crack Key 2022

The “Extensions” function of TreeSize Professional Keygen is useful if you want to check all the files detected on a partition by checking their extensions. Also, each file extension is a different color and you can make the application display all the items found in the drive for a single extension. You can rely on the “File Age” mode to generate statistics for the last accessed files and change the creation date or date. Apart from that, this tool allows you to view your disk space usage history with the help of charts.

TreeSize Professional Activator allows you to save scans in an XML file format, compare them with others, and schedule the scanning process. Other important configuration options worth mentioning give you the ability to change scan depth, apply filters, always start a program as administrator, integrate utilities into the context menu, and create file associations.

TreeSize Professional Key Features:

Efficient disk space management and reporting

  • View the sizes of all folders, including their subfolders, and divide them at the file level using TreeSize Professional Crack.
  • Visualize disk usage in a pie or bar graph.
  • The hierarchy map graphic displays the hierarchy and size of the subfolders in the selected directory.
  • Furthermore, Detailed view with a single file and lots of additional information (for example, date of last access).
  • Statistics on file types and file owners for each branch.
  • Also, Filter the file system tree on the left by a specific user or file type.
  • See a list of the 100 largest files.
  • Distribution of disk space occupied by age of the file.
  • Furthermore, Scan FTP, WebDAV, SharePoint, and Amazon S3 servers and Linux machines via SSH.
  • Also, Disk space management on smartphones and mobile devices.

Versatile file search

  • Flexible and fast search of included files and folders.
  • Fully customizable file search with many supported search criteria.
  • Files with long paths can be found reliably using TreeSize Professional Registration Key.
  • Search multiple drives, entire servers, and even your entire network environment.
  • Export search results in multiple formats.
  • TreeSize offers a powerful search for duplicate files, optionally with MD5 or SHA256 checksums.
  • TreeSize can also remove duplicate files using hard links.

File management and disk cleaning

  • Archive, copy, move, or delete TreeSize File Search search results, such as large, old, or temporary files or files with common characteristics.
  • Rename multiple files at once, for example. replace unwanted characters in a large number of file names.
  • TreeSize Professional License Key can also remove duplicate files using hard links.

To export

  • Export all collected data to various formats such as Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, CSV / text files, clipboard, or well-formatted email.
  • Many configuration options, for example. for export depth TreeSize Professional Key.
  • Export a list of all files in the scanned folder and all its subfolders, for example, for use in a database.

Some Important Features:

Growth monitoring

  • Save the collected data to an XML file and reload it later TreeSize Professional Patch.
  • See which folder has grown – Compare the saved XML file with the current scan, TreeSize shows the difference between the two scans.
  • Use and create a Windows snapshot to find out where disk space has grown.

Customizable views and analysis

  • Include and exclude specific files or folders in your scans.

Scheduled scan

  • The command-line options allow automatic and scheduled scanning of your hard drive (for example, overnight) and the generation and export of reports.
  • The convenient user interface makes it easy to create and edit scheduled scans and exports as a Windows task.

High-performance thanks to multithreading

  • Examine the results during the scan.
  • Scan and view multiple folders at the same time.
  • Automatic optimization of the number of threads used for parallel scanning.

Full NTFS support

  • File-based NTFS compression.
  • Hard links and alternate data streams (ADS) are displayed and accounted for.
  • File paths longer than 255 characters will be found and processed correctly.
  • NTFS permissions can be viewed and exported.

Seamless integration with Windows Explorer

  • Explorer context menus are supported by TreeSize
  • TreeSize can be started from Windows Explorer.
  • Drag and drop are activated in both directions.

Fixed Issues:

  • File search: A problem with sending emails via the command line was fixed.
  • An error that could occur on systems with a customized “Regional Format” system setting while sending emails via SMTP was fixed.
  • The options for managing the history data in the ribbon bar are now active again.
  • The location US East 2 (Ohio) for Amazon S3 storage is now properly supported.
  • Also,A problem that could occur with license management on systems with outdated certificates was fixed.


TreeSize Professional License Key + Keygen {Tested} Free Download TreeSize Professional Serial Key + Activator {Updated} Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Windows 2008 64 bit
  • Windows 8 64 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Windows Vista 64 bit
  • Windows XP 64 bit

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