PDF Annotator Crack is a full-featured software application that allows you to add annotations to your PDF files. This can be applied directly to the document. Alternatively, you can use a mouse or a Tablet PC. The program’s interface looks professional and intuitive. PDF Annotator offers you a variety of shapes and colors for pens, markers, and stamps, along with text and graphic tools.


You can also use standard tools, such as lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses, erasers, and las. Additionally, you can take photos and save them as images or stamps, or simply copy them to the Clipboard, as well as extract text from the original, crop the current page, or insert an image using PDF Annotator Patch. Additionally, you can also access the tool’s favorites list, search for text, use undo and repeat functions, rotate and flip selections, combine or erase all annotations, zoom in and out, switch to full-screen mode, and create guidelines, among others.

PDF Annotator Serial Key + Activator {Latest} Free Download

PDF ANNOTATOR full version  Sidebar, full-screen mode, size, language, text, and performance. Apart from that, you can create backup copies, adjust the quality of the annotations, integrate PDF Annotators in the Explorer context menu, access the virtual printer, and select the log level. PDF Annotator runs on moderate to high amounts of CPU and system memory, has good response times, and includes user documentation. No error dialogs were displayed in our tests and the application did not crash or crash. Thanks to its intuitive design and various customization settings, PDF Annotator Keygen can be handled by users of any level of experience.

PDF Annotator Key Features:

Type, Write & Highlight:

  • Type Comments on PDF
  • Freehand Annotations with the Pen Tool
  • Highlight Content with the Text Marker
  • Auto Smooth
  • Sign PDF Documents
  • Align Annotations

Stamp & Number:

  • Symbol Stamps
  • Date Stamps
  • Custom Stamps
  • Signature Stamps
  • Duplicate Stamps / Stamp All Pages
  • Page Numbers

Add Markup & Images:

  • Arrow, Line, Rectangle & Circle Tools
  • Insert Images
  • Capture from Camera
  • Image Editor
  • Pixel Images
  • Group & Lock Annotations
  • Add Margins & Crop Pages

Create & Convert:

  • Print to PDF Annotator Keygen
  • Convert DOC, XSL, PPT, … to PDF
  • New Documents with Templates
  • Convert Images, Pictures, and Photos to PDF
  • Create Digital Copies of Secured PDFs
  • Password Protect PDF

Integrate & Collaborate of PDF ANNOTATOR CRACK:

  • Save to PDF & Open in Any Viewer
  • Send as Email Attachment
  • Melt AnnotationsLocate Annotations & Print Reports
  • Import & Export Annotations
  • Extract & Copy Text, Select Text Actions
  • Snapshots
  • PDF Portfolios & Attachments
  • Copy & Paste Digital Ink
  • PDF Default Viewer
  • Share & Deploy Stamps and Settings

View, Print & Present:

  • Open Multiple Documents in Tabs
  • Navigate within Documents
  • Also, Measure Distances or Areas
  • Bookmarks
  • Print PDF
  • Present in Full-Screen Mode
  • Fully Customizable Toolbar

Combine & Merge:

  • Combine Multiple PDFs into a Single PDF
  • Append Pages & Documents
  • Insert New Pages
  • Clone Pages

Split & Reorder Pages:

  • Extract Pages into New Document
  • Move Pages
  • Copy/Cut & Paste Pages
  • Delete Pages
  • Crop Pages

What’s new in PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator 64-bit:

  • As a true 64-bit application, PDF Annotator can now access significantly more memory on 64-bit systems.
  • Also, Enables loading larger files, and also editing more documents at the same time, than with the 32-bit version.
  • Setup will automatically install the correct version for your operating system.

Select and Edit Annotations:

  • While moving, resizing, or rotating annotations, all changes display immediately.
  • Moreover, Enables exact annotation placement.
  • The larger appearance of selection rectangles and size grips on high-resolution displays.

Dimension Tool:

  • Dimensions are also annotations that become part of the PDF document (cf. the Measure tool).
  • Dimensions consist of extension lines, dimension lines, and editable dimension text.
  • Also, select a predefined or custom scale.
  • Turn display of dimension unit on and off.

Measure Angles:

  • Now you can also measure, Distances, Perimeters (traverses), Areas, Angles

Create Links:

  • Links are text annotations that, when clicked, jump to:
  • Also, a web URL, a specific position (page) in the current document, or an external document.
  • Define link text styles (e.g. blue, underline) directly within the Configure Link window.

Intelligent Auto Smooth:

  • Extended functionality for the Auto Smooth feature available for pen and marker tools:
  • Moreover, Intelligent geometric object recognition (rectangles, squares, circles).
  • Also, Start and endpoints will automatically snap to, or be moved towards existing lines.
  • Also, Automatically closes circular lines by moving the endpoints to the start points.

Intelligent Auto Connect:

  • New Connect Lines feature now available for line and arrow tools:
  • Start and endpoints will automatically snap to, or be moved towards existing lines.

Laser Pointer Tool for Presentations:

  • The laser pointer is a large red circle that can easily be located even from a distance.
  • Activate via “Tool, Laser Pointer” or by pressing the letter “o” key.
  • Back to the previously used tool with the ESC key.
  • Draw temporarily with the laser pointer: After lifting the pen (or releasing the mouse button), the drawn mark-up disappears.

Extract Text:

  • When using the Extract Text feature, the context menu also won’t open automatically after selecting some text anymore.
  • Now, just click “Edit, Copy” or press CTRL+C to copy the selected text to the clipboard.
  • All features previously available on the context menu are now accessible directly from the toolbar above the document.

Move Bookmarks with Drag’n’Drop In the sidebar:

  • Move bookmarks with the mouse using drag-drop.
  • The destination position will be outlined exactly.

“Print” Command on Explorer Menus:

  • If PDF Annotator has been set up as the default application for PDF files, the Windows Explorer context menu will now include a “Print” command.
  • Print PDF files without having to open them in PDF Annotator first.
  • Print just one, or multiple documents at once.

Use your Pen as a Clicker:

  • In full-screen presentations, press the button at the end of the pen to advance to the next page.
  • Single-click: Advance to the next page.
  • Press and hold: Back to the previous page.
  • Requirements: 3rd Gen Microsoft Surface Pen, Windows 10.

Fixed Issues:

  • New: “Show Trace” option to deactivate temporary
  • drawing with the Pointer or Laser pointer tools.
  • + New “Factory Reset” feature, available under Extras,
  • Settings, Reset.
  • Color selection: Display selected color names
  • immediately below the color picker.
  • Enlarged display on active “Touch Mode”.
  • Also, Display PDF comments created in third-party apps
  • In addition as not clickable, when configured as “read-only”
  • according to the PDF standard.
  • Also, Stamp toolboxes now display the currently selected
  • stamp when opening the toolboxes.
  • Using the “Pointer” or “Laser Pointer” tools,
  • moreover, double clicks will now be ignored, and will not
  • Also, select the underlying annotations.
  • Fixed: When working with PDF documents with many
  • pages, under certain conditions the pen and marker
  • Also, tools would not be available anymore after
  • Moreover, switching between view layouts.
  • Fixed: Problems detecting the use of the end of the pen eraser.
  • More minor fixes and improvements





  • Firstly, Download the file from the given link or button.
  • Secondly, The virus Guard should be turned off.
  • Then, Extract the WinRAR file and open the folder.
  • Now, Run the setup from everywhere and close it.
  • Also, Copy and paste the “Crack” or “Patch” folder into the installation folder and run it.
  • Activate the program using the License key.
  • You’re done, enjoy PDF Annotator 2022

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